Colecovision and Intellivision Flashback consoles coming this fall

The ColecoVision and Intellivision Flashback consoles headline AtGames’ Fall 2014 lineup, which will be available this October at Toys R’ Us, Dollar General, Sams Club, and other retailers.  While the ColecoVision and Intellivision never achieved the popularity of the Atari 2600 or the Nintendo Entertainment System, they each sold millions of units and are still beloved by many.

AtGames’ lineup also includes the Atari Flashback 5 and the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console, but those consoles have received multiple Flashback-type treatments over the years.  Personally, I’m much more excited about the ColecoVision Flashback, and the Intellivision Flashback to a lesser degree.

The ColecoVision contains 50 licensed titles from back in the day, and 10 new homebrew titles:

Original releases:
Alphabet Zoo
Artillery Duel
Blockade Runner
Brain Strainers
Bump ‘n’ Jump
Cosmic Avenger
Flipper Slipper
Fortune Builder
Frantic Freddy
Gateway to Apshai
Gust Buster
Jumpman Junior
Jungle Hunt
Miner 2049er
Montezuma’s Revenge
Motocross Racer
Mountain King
Nova Blast
Oil’s Well
Omega Race
Pepper II
Quest for Quintana Roo
Sammy Lightfoot
Sir Lancelot
Space Fury
Space Panic
Squish ‘Em Featuring Sam
Super Cross Force
Telly Turtle
The Dam Buster
The Heist
Tomarc the Barbarian
Tournament Tennis
War Room
Wing War

Bankruptcy Builder
Destructor (Original release, Standard Controller Edition)
Module Man
Monster Masher
Ms. Space Fury
Princess Quest
Schlange CV
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 2
Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels 3
Shunting Puzzle

The Intellivision list:

01 Astrosmash
02 Space Armada
03 Space Battle
04 Space Cadet
05 Space Hawk
06 Space Spartans
07 Star Strike

08 Auto Racing
09 World Championship Baseball
10 Slam Dunk: Super Pro Basketball
11 Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling
12 Bowling
13 Boxing
14 Deep Pockets: Super Pro Pool & Billiards
15 Football, Super Pro
16 Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf
17 Golf
18 Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey
19 Motocross
20 Soccer
21 Spiker: Super Pro Volleyball
22 Stadium Mud Buggies
23 Super Pro Decathlon (Decathlon)
24 Tennis

25 Backgammon
26 Bomb Squad
27 Checkers
28 Chess
29 Horse Racing
30 Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack
31 Las Vegas Roulette
32 Royal Dealer
33 Utopia

34 Armor Battle
35 B-17 Bomber
36 Crown of Kings
37 Minotaur
38 Sea Battle
39 Sub Hunt
40 Tower of Doom
41 Takeover

42 Brickout
43 Blowout
44 Buzz Bombers
45 Frog Bog
46 Hard Hat
47 Hover Force
48 Night Stalker
49 Pinball
50 Shark! Shark!
51 Sharp Shot
52 Snafu
53 Thin Ice
54 Thunder Castle
55 Triple Action
56 Vectron

57 Learning Fun
58 Learning Fun II
59 Math Fun
60 Word Fun

If you purchase these at Dollar General, there will be an additional game available; the Sams Club versions will have extra controller inlays.

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